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President′s Message

Message from the President

It has been more than thirty years since the national health insurance program was implemented in Korea,
and the program has become deeply rooted in our society as a public healthcare service, the envy of the world.

This accomplishment has resulted from the efforts of government, medical society and the people of Korea.

The Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA) reviews and assesses healthcare costs and healthcare service quality, as well as supporting the national health insurance policy in determining medical fee schedules and drug prices. In performing these activities, we listen carefully to the voices of various stakeholders in order to incorporate their diverse interests in the promotion of appropriate use of healthcare services and a trustworthy healthcare service environment.

As globalization is developed in every aspect of our lives, the exchange of information with various health and medical related organizations, and the building of firm, cooperative relationships are more important than ever before. We hope this website provides you a deeper understanding of the Korean healthcare system as well as the role of HIRA in a globalized world.

Thank you.