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International Cooperation

Bahrain SEHATI-IT Project

Bahrain SEHATI-IT System

The objectives of the SEHATI-IT Project include supporting and improving the healthcare system of Bahrain throughout their endeavors to establish SEHATI, and developing an IT work flow. Korea implemented their National Health Insurance service in an exceedingly short span of time and HIRA used this experience as a basis for helping Bahrain accomplish its goals. HIRA advised the Kingdom on how to develop a health insurance system that fits their nation and assisted in construction the SEHATI-IT system in Bahrain. For the SEHATI-IT system to operate stably in accordance with the Bahrain Roadmap, an off-premises(cloud-based) IT infrastructure was employed. It divided the SEHATI-IT System into four web-based systems : NHIS, DUR, NEMR, and SUN.

Bahrain SEHATI-IT System Bahrain SEHATI-IT System

[pic. SEHATI-IT System Structure]

Starting in June 2017, it took a total of 26 months to fully complete development of the system. Now the entire system is operating stably and scheduled to be maintained through continued cooperation between Korea and Bahrain until 2024.

Bahrain SEHATI-IT System

[pic. SEHATI-IT Project victory ceremony in Bahrain, 2019]