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International Cooperation

WHO Collaborating Centre(C.C)

Designation as WHO Collaborating Centre

In December 2021, HIRA was designated as a “WHO Collaborating Centre for Strategic Purchasing” in recognition of its expertise in strategic purchasing operations. This means that HIRA will be engaging in international cooperation-related programs (e.g. co-hosting of educational programs on strategic purchasing) that are aligned with the WHO’s goal of universal health coverage (UHC) in addition to providing resources and experts on strategic purchasing.

WHO Collaborating Centre : Outline
  • An international cooperation agency named by the WHO to carry out projects on international public health from a pool of prominent candidate institutions in various related fields. Approximately 800 cooperating centres in 80 countries are currently in operation.
  • Key responsibilities to be taken on by HIRA
    • Joint hosting of educational programs (workshops, training programs, etc.) on strategic purchasing
    • Provision, upon the WHO’s request, of resources and experts or assistance for projects on strategic purchasing
Strategic purchasing
  • Refers to strategic activity that aims to provide public health services, based on a restricted / finite range of financial resources, that are needed by citizens
  • Includes : designating suppliers (e.g. tertiary hospitals) and the scope of benefit standards and operation / design, assessment, and assessment monitoring of healthcare fee payment methods
  • ※ HIRA and the National Health Insurance Service are consigned by the Korean government to carry out most major purchasing activities related to public health services.

[pic. The celebration for the designation of WHO Collaborating Centre, 2022]

[pic. The celebration for the designation of WHO Collaborating Centre, 2022]