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Monitoring & Feedback

  • DUR Service procedure
  •  ·  The doctor sends the details of prescription to HIRA DUR service before issuing the prescription to the patient.
  •      HIRA sends a warning message in a pop-up window on the doctors computer screen within 0.5 seconds, in case
  •      there is a risk factor in the prescription when compared to the patients medication history, suspended drug list, and
  •      DUR standards. The doctor could choose to change the prescription or to proceed with the original prescription with
  •      a memo, explaining why the drug should be used exceptionally. The final prescription information is sent to and
  •      stored in the DUR system of HIRA
  •  ·  Pharmacists undergo the same process at the pharmacy when dispensing. For a warning message, the pharmacist
  •     could choose to change, or go ahead with the original prescription after checking with the doctor. The final
  •     dispensing detail information is sent to and stored in the DUR system of HIRA

  • Operational Performance
  •  ·  The only system in the world which checks patients’ medication history on a real-time basis
  •  ·  Prevention of drug misuse and abuse and reduction of pharmaceutical expenditure by preventing inappropriate use of
  •     drugs in advance (Saved over 20 billion KRW a year)
  •  ·  Support safe prescription and dispensing practice by the real-time response (Prevented 5.4 million cases of unsafe
  •     use of drugs in prescription)
  •  ·  Guaranteed fast response and 24/7 uninterrupted service
  •  ·  A nationwide pharmaceutical monitoring system
  •  ·  Support safe use of drug
  •  ·  Facilitate links between computer systems via a standardized code
  •  ·  Healthcare providers’ EMR and HIRA system are directly linked, expanding the information transmission channel
  •  ·  Safe blood transfusion based on the patient medication history
  •  ·  Based on the real-time drug monitoring, national level supervision is possible (epidemic, narcotic drugs, and etc.)